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The video podcast exploring the crossroads of mental illness and offending.


Are you interested in true crime? Or perhaps mental illness? Well why not both? Welcome to A Psych For Sore Minds, the only YouTube channel, that I’m aware of, that addresses the intersect of the two. A Psych for Sore Minds’ dissects a whole range of mental health topics; some related to offending and violence and some not.


I’m your host Dr Sohom Das. I am a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist and expert witness and I live and work in London. I have personally assessed hundreds of patients and I've seen a plethora of fascinating cases; diagnoses such as schizophrenia, PTSD, and personality disorders and offences from arson to murder. I would love to share my stories and insights with you.



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If you are fascinated by true crime or are interested in mental illness then THIS VIDEO PODCAST IS FOR YOU!

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